Full Name: Club Atlético Osasuna
Team nickname: Los Rojillos/Gorritxoak (The Reds)
Home Stadium: El Sadar
Stadium Capacity: 23,576
Club Location: Pamplona
Founded: 1920
Website : http://www.osasuna.es/
League : La Liga 2023–24
Manager/Coach: Spain Jagoba Arrasate

As the 2023/2024 football season begins, CA Osasuna proudly presents its player squad list, showcasing a mix of experience, talent, and promising youth. Led by seasoned veterans and complemented by emerging stars, the squad is geared up to compete fiercely in La Liga and other competitions.

NoNames of players
1Sergio Herrera
13Aitor Fernandez
31Pablo Valencia
3Juan Cruz
4Unai Garcia
5David Garcia
12Jesus Areso
24Alejandro Catena
28Jorge Herrando
-Nacho Vidal
-Diego Moreno
6Lucas Torro
7Jon Moncayola
10Aimar Oroz
16Moi Gomez
19Pablo Ibanez
20Jose Arnaiz
22Johan Mojica
34Iker Munoz
-Javi Martinez
11Enrique Barja
14Ruben Garcia
15Ruben Pena
17Ante Budimir
23Raul Garcia
-Iker Benito
-Jagoba Arrasate

Key Players: At the core of CA Osasuna’s squad are key players who embody skill, leadership, and dedication. From solid defenders to creative midfielders and clinical strikers, each member brings a unique set of qualities to the team’s dynamic.

Seasoned Veterans: The squad boasts seasoned veterans whose wealth of experience and knowledge is invaluable both on and off the pitch. These players provide leadership and guidance to their younger counterparts, serving as mentors and role models within the team.

Emerging Talents: Complementing the seasoned veterans are emerging talents who represent the future of CA Osasuna. Bursting with potential and eager to make their mark, these young players inject energy and enthusiasm into the squad, pushing the team to new heights.

Managerial Guidance: Guiding the CA Osasuna squad with tactical acumen and strategic vision is the esteemed coaching staff. Under their guidance, players are honed and developed, ensuring they are prepared to execute the team’s game plan effectively and overcome challenges on the field.

Fan Support: Backed by the unwavering support of loyal fans, the CA Osasuna squad enters each match with confidence and determination. Whether at home or away, the passionate chants and unwavering loyalty of the fans serve as a source of inspiration for the players.

Conclusion: As CA Osasuna unveils its player squad list for the 2023/2024 season, anticipation is high for the exciting matches and memorable moments that lie ahead. With a roster boasting a blend of experience and youth, CA Osasuna is poised to make its mark and compete with the best in La Liga.