The French Ligue 1, known for its flair, competitiveness, and rich footballing tradition, delivered another captivating season of action-packed matches, showcasing the talents of some of the finest players in the world. From the opening fixtures to the thrilling conclusion, fans were treated to a spectacle of footballing excellence week in and week out. Let’s delve into the match schedule and results that defined the excitement of the 2023/2024 season.

Date and timeHomeScoreAway
26. Round
15/03/202420:00Toulouse FC-Olympique Lyon
16/03/202416:00FC Nantes-RC Strasbourg
20:00RC Lens-OGC Nice
17/03/202412:00Stade Brestois-Lille OSC
17/03/202414:00AS Monaco-FC Lorient
17/03/202414:00Clermont Foot 63-Havre AC
17/03/202414:00Stade Reims-FC Metz
17/03/202416:00Stade Rennais-Olympique Marseille
17/03/202419:45Montpellier HSC-Paris Saint-Germain
27. Round
29/03/202420:00Lille OSC-RC Lens
30/03/202416:00FC Metz-AS Monaco
30/03/202420:00Olympique Lyon-Stade Reims
31/03/202412:00FC Lorient-Stade Brestois
31/03/202414:00Havre AC-Montpellier HSC
31/03/202414:00Clermont Foot 63-Toulouse FC
31/03/202414:00OGC Nice-FC Nantes
31/03/202416:00RC Strasbourg-Stade Rennais
31/03/202419:45Olympique Marseille-Paris Saint-Germain
28. Round
07/04/2024-AS Monaco-Stade Rennais
07/04/2024-FC Nantes-Olympique Lyon
07/04/2024-Lille OSC-Olympique Marseille
07/04/2024-Paris Saint-Germain-Clermont Foot 63
07/04/2024-RC Lens-Havre AC
07/04/202412:00Stade Brestois-FC Metz
07/04/202414:00Toulouse FC-RC Strasbourg
07/04/202414:00Montpellier HSC-FC Lorient
07/04/202414:00Stade Reims-OGC Nice
29. Round
14/04/2024-Havre AC-FC Nantes
14/04/2024-AS Monaco-Lille OSC
14/04/2024-Clermont Foot 63-Montpellier HSC
14/04/2024-FC Lorient-Paris Saint-Germain
14/04/2024-FC Metz-RC Lens
14/04/2024-Olympique Marseille-OGC Nice
14/04/2024-Olympique Lyon-Stade Brestois
14/04/2024-RC Strasbourg-Stade Reims
14/04/2024-Stade Rennais-Toulouse FC
30. Round
21/04/2024-Havre AC-FC Metz
21/04/2024-FC Nantes-Stade Rennais
21/04/2024-Toulouse FC-Olympique Marseille
21/04/2024-OGC Nice-FC Lorient
21/04/2024-Lille OSC-RC Strasbourg
21/04/2024-Paris Saint-Germain-Olympique Lyon
21/04/2024-RC Lens-Clermont Foot 63
21/04/2024-Stade Brestois-AS Monaco
21/04/2024-Stade Reims-Montpellier HSC
31. Round
28/04/2024-Clermont Foot 63-Stade Reims
28/04/2024-FC Lorient-Toulouse FC
28/04/2024-FC Metz-Lille OSC
28/04/2024-Montpellier HSC-FC Nantes
28/04/2024-Olympique Lyon-AS Monaco
28/04/2024-Olympique Marseille-RC Lens
28/04/2024-Paris Saint-Germain-Havre AC
28/04/2024-RC Strasbourg-OGC Nice
28/04/2024-Stade Rennais-Stade Brestois
32. Round
04/05/2024-Havre AC-RC Strasbourg
04/05/2024-AS Monaco-Clermont Foot 63
04/05/2024-FC Metz-Stade Rennais
04/05/2024-Toulouse FC-Montpellier HSC
04/05/2024-OGC Nice-Paris Saint-Germain
04/05/2024-Lille OSC-Olympique Lyon
04/05/2024-RC Lens-FC Lorient
04/05/2024-Stade Brestois-FC Nantes
04/05/2024-Stade Reims-Olympique Marseille
33. Round
11/05/2024-Clermont Foot 63-Olympique Lyon
11/05/2024-FC Nantes-Lille OSC
11/05/2024-Montpellier HSC-AS Monaco
11/05/2024-OGC Nice-Havre AC
11/05/2024-Olympique Marseille-FC Lorient
11/05/2024-Paris Saint-Germain-Toulouse FC
11/05/2024-RC Strasbourg-FC Metz
11/05/2024-Stade Brestois-Stade Reims
11/05/2024-Stade Rennais-RC Lens
34. Round
18/05/2024-Havre AC-Olympique Marseille
18/05/2024-AS Monaco-FC Nantes
18/05/2024-FC Lorient-Clermont Foot 63
18/05/2024-FC Metz-Paris Saint-Germain
18/05/2024-Toulouse FC-Stade Brestois
18/05/2024-Olympique Lyon-RC Strasbourg
18/05/2024-Lille OSC-OGC Nice
18/05/2024-RC Lens-Montpellier HSC
18/05/2024-Stade Reims-Stade Rennais

Match Schedule:

The match schedule for the French Ligue 1 2023/2024 season was meticulously crafted to provide fans with a blend of local derbies, high-stakes encounters, and riveting clashes between traditional powerhouses and up-and-coming clubs. From the historic venues of Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille to the smaller stadiums of newly-promoted teams, each fixture offered its own unique narrative and intrigue.

Weekends became synonymous with footballing excitement as supporters eagerly awaited the kick-off of their favorite teams’ matches. Whether it was the flair of Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain, the attacking prowess of Kylian MbappĂ© at AS Monaco, or the resilience of Lille OSC’s defense, there was something for every football aficionado to enjoy in the French Ligue 1.


The 2023/2024 season of Ligue 1 was defined by thrilling encounters, surprising upsets, and memorable performances. As the campaign progressed, traditional powerhouses like Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, and AS Monaco faced stiff competition from ambitious challengers such as Lille OSC, Stade Rennais, and OGC Nice. Meanwhile, smaller clubs like FC Metz and Angers SCO showcased their determination and resilience, often causing upsets against bigger opponents.

Each matchday brought its own share of drama and excitement, with goals scored, points earned, and dreams realized or shattered. From last-minute winners to stunning comebacks, the French Ligue 1 demonstrated why it is regarded as one of Europe’s most competitive and entertaining football leagues.

As the season approached its conclusion, the race for the Ligue 1 title intensified, with teams battling fiercely for every point in their quest for glory. Fans were treated to a thrilling finale as the league reached its climax, with each match proving pivotal in determining the final standings.

In conclusion, the French Ligue 1 2023/2024 season was a testament to the league’s enduring appeal and the passion it evokes among fans. With its blend of talent, drama, and excitement, Ligue 1 continues to captivate football enthusiasts around the world. As fans eagerly anticipate the start of the next season, they can reflect on the thrills, spills, and unforgettable moments that made the 2023/2024 campaign another memorable chapter in the history of French football.