Full Name: Genoa Cricket and Football Club S.p.A.
Team nicknames: I Rossoblu, Il Grifone, Il Vecchio Balordo
Home Stadium: Stadio Luigi Ferraris
Stadium Capacity: 36,599
Club Location: Genoa
Founded: 1893
Website : http://www.genoacfc.it/
League : Serie A 2023–24
Manager/Coach: Italian Alberto Gilardino

As the 2023/2024 football season kicks off, Genoa CFC proudly reveals its player squad list, showcasing a blend of experience, talent, and youthful exuberance. Led by seasoned veterans and bolstered by emerging stars, the squad is poised to make its mark on Serie A and beyond.

NoNames of players
1Josep Martínez
16Nicola Leali
39Daniele Sommariva
Franz Stolz
3Aarón Martín
4Koni De Winter
13Mattia Bani
14Alessandro Vogliacco
20Stefano Sabelli
22Johan Vásquez
23Giorgio Cittadini
33Alan Matturro
55Ridgeciano Haps
90Djed Spence
2Morten Thorsby
5Emil Bohinen
8Kevin Strootman
17Ruslan Malinovskyi
32Morten Frendrup
47Milan Badelj
99Pablo Galdames
10Junior Messias
11Albert Guðmundsson
18Caleb Ekuban
19Mateo Retegui
30David Ankeye

Key Players: At the heart of Genoa CFC’s squad are key players who epitomize skill, leadership, and dedication. From commanding defenders to creative midfielders and clinical strikers, each member of the squad brings unique qualities to the team’s dynamic.

Seasoned Veterans: The squad features seasoned veterans whose wealth of experience and knowledge is invaluable on and off the pitch. With their leadership and mentorship, these players provide guidance to their younger counterparts, shaping the future of the club.

Emerging Stars: Complementing the seasoned veterans are emerging stars who represent the next generation of talent at Genoa CFC. Bursting with potential and eager to prove themselves, these young players inject energy and enthusiasm into the squad, pushing the team to new heights.

Managerial Guidance: Guiding the Genoa CFC squad with tactical acumen and strategic vision is the esteemed coaching staff. Under their guidance, players are nurtured and developed, ensuring they are ready to perform at their best and execute the team’s game plan effectively.

Fan Support: Backed by the unwavering support of loyal fans, the Genoa CFC squad enters each match with confidence and determination. Whether home or away, the passionate chants and unwavering loyalty of the fans serve as a source of inspiration for the players.

Conclusion: As Genoa CFC unveils its player squad list for the 2023/2024 season, anticipation runs high for the exciting matches and memorable moments that lie ahead. With a roster brimming with talent and potential, Genoa CFC is ready to compete with the best and write its name in Serie A history.