As Manchester City clinched their fifth Premier League title in six seasons, several players shone brightly throughout the campaign. Here’s a breakdown of their performances and ratings:

Ederson – 9
The Brazilian goalkeeper was close to flawless, initiating attacks with his precise distribution and showcasing incredible reflexes. His ability to launch pinpoint passes and dominate aerial duels made him an invaluable asset.

Kyle Walker – 8
Walker had an interesting season, going from being dropped to becoming a key figure in the team. His versatility allowed him to contribute both defensively and in midfield, earning him Guardiola’s favor once again.

Rico Lewis – 9
The 18-year-old Lewis played a crucial role as a “Philipp Lahm” defender-midfielder hybrid, impressing Guardiola and rejuvenating the squad. His composure and maturity on the field were staggering for his age.

João Cancelo – 6
Cancelo’s falling-out with Guardiola led to his loan to Bayern Munich, which didn’t backfire on the manager. His season was marked by inconsistency and ultimately led to his departure.

Aymeric Laporte – 7
Laporte struggled to secure a regular place in the starting XI due to competition from other defenders. John Stones’ playmaking abilities and the dueling skills of Aké and Akanji limited his game time.

Rúben Dias – 9
Dias earned praise for his unwavering focus, warrior mentality, and calm demeanor. He became a standout player in City’s championship-winning campaign.

John Stones – 10
Stones finally fulfilled his potential, showcasing fluidity, intuition, and class in both defensive and midfield roles. His versatility became a key asset for Guardiola.

Nathan Aké – 9
Aké’s spirited determination and reliability earned him a regular spot in important games. He proved to be an unexpected but valuable asset in City’s defense.

Manuel Akanji – 9
Akanji’s ability to execute Guardiola’s tactical demands, whether as a central defender or full-back, made him a standout player in his debut season.

Sergio Gómez – 6
The 22-year-old Spaniard made limited league appearances primarily as a left-back.

Rodri – 9.5
Rodri was exceptional as a holding player, although he could have scored more. His ability to navigate opposing defenses and contribute with long-range strikes was noteworthy.

Kalvin Phillips – 5
Phillips had a disappointing first season at City, struggling to adapt to Guardiola’s demands and facing criticism for his physical condition.

Ilkay Gündogan – 9
Gündogan showcased his skills as a midfield schemer, contributing with crucial goals throughout the season.

Bernardo Silva – 8
Silva’s versatility allowed him to be a menace on the wings and an effective playmaker when needed. His potential departure could leave a void in the squad.

Kevin De Bruyne – 10
De Bruyne overcame a challenging phase and demonstrated his big-game mentality with crucial goals and assists.

Erling Haaland – 10
Haaland had a phenomenal debut season, setting records with his prolific goal-scoring, redefining the role of a Premier League striker.

Riyad Mahrez – 8
Mahrez continued to impress with his wizardry on the wing, though his goal tally was slightly lower than the previous season.

Julián Álvarez – 9
Álvarez made a significant impact with eight league goals despite limited game time.

Jack Grealish – 9
Grealish had a superb second season, showcasing aggression and earning free-kicks with his dribbling skills.

Phil Foden – 7
Injury and illness disrupted Foden’s season, but he remained a valuable asset to Guardiola.

Stefan Ortega – 8
Ortega made a solid Premier League debut in a win over West Ham.

Cole Palmer – 6
Palmer made several substitute appearances early in the season.

Máximo Perrone – 6
Perrone had limited playing time, with just 18 minutes in one game.

These player ratings reflect the diverse performances of Manchester City’s squad in their journey to becoming Premier League champions once again.