As the 2023/2024 Spanish La Liga season unfolds, football enthusiasts around the globe eagerly anticipate the thrill of each match. With an array of top clubs competing for supremacy, fans are treated to a spectacle of skill, passion, and drama week after week.

Date and timeHomeScoreAway
27. Round
01/03/202420:00RC Celta1-0UD Almería
02/03/202413:00Sevilla FC3-2Real Sociedad
02/03/202415:15Rayo Vallecano1-1Cádiz CF
02/03/202417:30Getafe CF3-3UD Las Palmas
02/03/202420:00Valencia CF2-2Real Madrid
03/03/202413:00Villarreal CF5-1Granada CF
03/03/202415:15Atlético Madrid2-1Real Betis
03/03/202417:30RCD Mallorca1-0Girona FC
03/03/202420:00Athletic Bilbao0-0FC Barcelona
04/03/202420:00CA Osasuna1-0CD Alavés
28. Round
08/03/202420:00FC Barcelona1-0RCD Mallorca
09/03/202413:00Valencia CF1-0Getafe CF
09/03/202415:15Cádiz CF2-0Atlético Madrid
09/03/202417:30Granada CF2-3Real Sociedad
09/03/202420:00Girona FC2-0CA Osasuna
10/03/202413:00CD Alavés1-0Rayo Vallecano
10/03/202415:15UD Las Palmas0-2Athletic Bilbao
10/03/202417:30Real Madrid4-0RC Celta
10/03/202420:00Real Betis2-3Villarreal CF
11/03/202420:00UD Almería-Sevilla FC
29. Round
15/03/202420:00Real Sociedad-Cádiz CF
16/03/202413:00RCD Mallorca-Granada CF
16/03/202415:15CA Osasuna-Real Madrid
16/03/202417:30Getafe CF-Girona FC
16/03/202420:00Athletic Bilbao-CD Alavés
17/03/202413:00Sevilla FC-RC Celta
17/03/202415:15Villarreal CF-Valencia CF
17/03/202416:15UD Las Palmas-UD Almería
17/03/202417:30Rayo Vallecano-Real Betis
17/03/202420:00Atlético Madrid-FC Barcelona
30. Round
29/03/202420:00Cádiz CF-Granada CF
30/03/202413:00Getafe CF-Sevilla FC
30/03/202415:15UD Almería-CA Osasuna
30/03/202417:30Valencia CF-RCD Mallorca
30/03/202420:00FC Barcelona-UD Las Palmas
31/03/202413:00RC Celta-Rayo Vallecano
31/03/202415:15Girona FC-Real Betis
31/03/202417:30CD Alavés-Real Sociedad
31/03/202420:00Real Madrid-Athletic Bilbao
01/04/202420:00Villarreal CF-Atlético Madrid
31. Round
14/04/2024Athletic Bilbao-Villarreal CF
14/04/2024Atlético Madrid-Girona FC
14/04/2024Real Betis-RC Celta
14/04/2024CA Osasuna-Valencia CF
14/04/2024Cádiz CF-FC Barcelona
14/04/2024Granada CF-CD Alavés
14/04/2024Rayo Vallecano-Getafe CF
14/04/2024RCD Mallorca-Real Madrid
14/04/2024Real Sociedad-UD Almería
14/04/2024UD Las Palmas-Sevilla FC
32. Round
21/04/2024Athletic Bilbao-Granada CF
21/04/2024RC Celta-UD Las Palmas
21/04/2024CD Alavés-Atlético Madrid
21/04/2024Getafe CF-Real Sociedad
21/04/2024Girona FC-Cádiz CF
21/04/2024Sevilla FC-RCD Mallorca
21/04/2024Valencia CF-Real Betis
21/04/2024Rayo Vallecano-CA Osasuna
21/04/2024Real Madrid-FC Barcelona
21/04/2024UD Almería-Villarreal CF
33. Round
28/04/2024Atlético Madrid-Athletic Bilbao
28/04/2024Real Betis-Sevilla FC
28/04/2024CD Alavés-RC Celta
28/04/2024FC Barcelona-Valencia CF
28/04/2024Cádiz CF-RCD Mallorca
28/04/2024Granada CF-CA Osasuna
28/04/2024Villarreal CF-Rayo Vallecano
28/04/2024Real Sociedad-Real Madrid
28/04/2024UD Almería-Getafe CF
28/04/2024UD Las Palmas-Girona FC
34. Round
05/05/2024CA Osasuna-Real Betis
05/05/2024RC Celta-Villarreal CF
05/05/2024Getafe CF-Athletic Bilbao
05/05/2024Girona FC-FC Barcelona
05/05/2024Sevilla FC-Granada CF
05/05/2024Valencia CF-CD Alavés
05/05/2024Rayo Vallecano-UD Almería
05/05/2024RCD Mallorca-Atlético Madrid
05/05/2024Real Madrid-Cádiz CF
05/05/2024Real Sociedad-UD Las Palmas
35. Round
12/05/2024Athletic Bilbao-CA Osasuna
12/05/2024Atlético Madrid-RC Celta
12/05/2024Real Betis-UD Almería
12/05/2024CD Alavés-Girona FC
12/05/2024FC Barcelona-Real Sociedad
12/05/2024Cádiz CF-Getafe CF
12/05/2024Granada CF-Real Madrid
12/05/2024Valencia CF-Rayo Vallecano
12/05/2024Villarreal CF-Sevilla FC
12/05/2024RCD Mallorca-UD Las Palmas
36. Round
15/05/2024CA Osasuna-RCD Mallorca
15/05/2024RC Celta-Athletic Bilbao
15/05/2024Getafe CF-Atlético Madrid
15/05/2024Girona FC-Villarreal CF
15/05/2024Sevilla FC-Cádiz CF
15/05/2024Rayo Vallecano-Granada CF
15/05/2024Real Madrid-CD Alavés
15/05/2024Real Sociedad-Valencia CF
15/05/2024UD Almería-FC Barcelona
15/05/2024UD Las Palmas-Real Betis
37. Round
19/05/2024Athletic Bilbao-Sevilla FC
19/05/2024Atlético Madrid-CA Osasuna
19/05/2024Real Betis-Real Sociedad
19/05/2024CD Alavés-Getafe CF
19/05/2024FC Barcelona-Rayo Vallecano
19/05/2024Cádiz CF-UD Las Palmas
19/05/2024Granada CF-RC Celta
19/05/2024Valencia CF-Girona FC
19/05/2024Villarreal CF-Real Madrid
19/05/2024RCD Mallorca-UD Almería
38. Round
26/05/2024CA Osasuna-Villarreal CF
26/05/2024RC Celta-Valencia CF
26/05/2024Getafe CF-RCD Mallorca
26/05/2024Girona FC-Granada CF
26/05/2024Sevilla FC-FC Barcelona
26/05/2024Rayo Vallecano-Athletic Bilbao
26/05/2024Real Madrid-Real Betis
26/05/2024Real Sociedad-Atlético Madrid
26/05/2024UD Almería-Cádiz CF
26/05/2024UD Las Palmas-CD Alavés

Schedule Overview: The Spanish La Liga schedule for the 2023/2024 season is packed with exciting fixtures that showcase the best of Spanish football. From intense derby clashes to highly anticipated matchups between title contenders, each match promises captivating action and intense competition.

Key Matches: Certain matches stand out as must-watch encounters, where rivalries are renewed, and the stakes are high. El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Madrid Derby featuring Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, and the Seville Derby between Sevilla and Real Betis are just a few examples of matches that capture the imagination of football fans worldwide.

Results Recap: As matches are played and results are tallied, fans eagerly follow the progress of their favorite teams and players. Victories spark jubilation, draws prompt reflection, and defeats fuel determination for redemption in the next fixture. The league table evolves with each result, shaping the narrative of the season.

Player Performances: Individual performances also take center stage, with star players showcasing their talent and skill on the field. From goal-scoring exploits to masterful displays of creativity and defensive prowess, La Liga is home to some of the world’s most talented footballers, and their performances shape the destiny of their clubs.

Fan Engagement: The excitement of La Liga extends beyond the pitch, with passionate fans engaging in spirited debates, sharing match predictions, and celebrating victories together. Social media platforms buzz with activity as supporters express their love for their clubs and connect with fellow fans around the globe.

Conclusion: As the Spanish La Liga schedule unfolds and results pour in, the excitement and anticipation among football fans reach fever pitch. With each match bringing new thrills and surprises, the 2023/2024 season promises to be a memorable journey filled with unforgettable moments and intense competition.