Udinese Calcio Player Squad List 2023/2024
Full Name: Udinese Calcio SpA
Team nicknames: Bianconeri Friuliani, Zebrette
Home Stadium: Stadio Friuli
Stadium Capacity: 25,144
Club Location: Udine
Founded: 1896
Website : http://www.udinese.it/
League : Serie A 2023–24
Manager/Coach: Italian Gabriele Cioffi

Stay updated with Udinese Calcio’s 2023/2024 season as they navigate through Serie A and various competitions. Catch live broadcasts of their matches, track their match schedule, and stay informed about the latest results.

Date and timeHomeScoreAway
20/08/202319:45Udinese Calcio0-3Juventus
28/08/202317:30US Salernitana 19191-1Udinese Calcio
02/09/202317:30Udinese Calcio0-0Frosinone Calcio
17/09/202311:30Cagliari Calcio0-0Udinese Calcio
24/09/202314:00Udinese Calcio0-2ACF Fiorentina
27/09/202319:45SSC Napoli4-1Udinese Calcio
01/10/202314:00Udinese Calcio2-2Genoa CFC
06/10/202317:30Empoli FC0-0Udinese Calcio
23/10/202317:30Udinese Calcio1-1US Lecce
29/10/202314:00AC Monza1-1Udinese Calcio
04/11/202319:45AC Milan0-1Udinese Calcio
12/11/202314:00Udinese Calcio1-1Atalanta
26/11/202317:00AS Roma3-1Udinese Calcio
03/12/202314:00Udinese Calcio3-3Hellas Verona
09/12/202319:45Inter4-0Udinese Calcio
17/12/202314:00Udinese Calcio2-2Sassuolo Calcio
23/12/202314:00Torino FC1-1Udinese Calcio
30/12/202314:00Udinese Calcio3-0Bologna FC
07/01/202414:00Udinese Calcio1-2Lazio
14/01/202417:00ACF Fiorentina2-2Udinese Calcio
20/01/202419:45Udinese Calcio2-3AC Milan
27/01/202414:00Atalanta2-0Udinese Calcio
03/02/2024114:00Udinese Calcio0-0AC Monza
12/02/202419:45Juventus0-1Udinese Calcio
18/02/202414:00Udinese Calcio1-1Cagliari Calcio
24/02/202419:45Genoa CFC2-0Udinese Calcio
02/03/202414:00Udinese Calcio-US Salernitana 1919
11/03/202419:45Lazio-Udinese Calcio
17/03/202414:00Udinese Calcio-Torino FC
01/04/202414:00Sassuolo Calcio-Udinese Calcio
07/04/2024-Udinese Calcio-Inter
14/04/2024-Udinese Calcio-AS Roma
21/04/2024-Hellas Verona-Udinese Calcio
28/04/2024-Bologna FC-Udinese Calcio
05/05/2024-Udinese Calcio-SSC Napoli
12/05/2024-US Lecce-Udinese Calcio
19/05/2024-Udinese Calcio-Empoli FC
26/05/2024-Frosinone Calcio-Udinese Calcio

As Udinese Calcio faces off against formidable opponents, fans can anticipate thrilling encounters and exciting football action. Whether they’re playing at home or away, each match presents an opportunity for the team to showcase their talent and determination on the field.

Keep an eye on Udinese Calcio’s match schedule to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. From the opening fixtures to the crucial matchups, every game plays a part in shaping the team’s journey throughout the season.

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