As the 2023/2024 English Premier League season kicks off, football fans worldwide brace themselves for a thrilling rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the schedule and results begin to shape the narrative of another gripping campaign.

Date and timeHomeScoreAway
26. Round
21/02/202419:30Liverpool FC4-1Luton Town
23/02/2024Chelsea FCreschTottenham Hotspur
24/02/202415:00Aston Villa4-2Nottingham Forest
15:00Brighton & Hove Albion1-1Everton FC
15:00Crystal Palace3-1Burnley FC
15:00Manchester United1-2Fulham FC
17:30AFC Bournemouth0-1Manchester City
20:00Arsenal FC4-1Newcastle United
25/02/202413:30Wolverhampton Wanderers1-0Sheffield United
26/02/202420:00West Ham United4-2Brentford FC
27. Round
02/03/202415:00Brentford2-2Chelsea FC
02/03/202415:00Everton FC1-3West Ham United
02/03/202415:00Fulham FC3-0Brighton & Hove Albion
02/03/202415:00Newcastle United3-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/03/202415:00Nottingham Forest0-1Liverpool FC
02/03/202415:00Tottenham Hotspur3-1Crystal Palace
02/03/202417:30Luton Town2-3Aston Villa
03/03/202413:00Burnley FC0-2AFC Bournemouth
03/03/202415:30Manchester City3-1Manchester United
04/03/202420:00Sheffield United0-6Arsenal FC
28. Round
09/03/202412:30Manchester United2-0Everton FC
09/03/202415:00AFC Bournemouth2-2Sheffield United
09/03/202415:00Crystal Palace1-1Luton Town
09/03/202415:00Wolverhampton Wanderers2-1Fulham FC
09/03/202417:30Arsenal FC2-1Brentford
10/03/202413:00Aston Villa0-4Tottenham Hotspur
10/03/202414:00Brighton & Hove Albion1-0Nottingham Forest
10/03/202414:00West Ham United2-2Burnley FC
10/03/202415:45Liverpool FC1-1Manchester City
11/03/202420:00Chelsea FC3-2Newcastle United
29. Round
16/03/202415:00Burnley FC2-1Brentford
15:00Luton Town1-1Nottingham Forest
17:30Fulham FC3-0Tottenham Hotspur
17/03/202414:00West Ham United1-0Aston Villa
23/04/202420:00Arsenal FC-Chelsea FC
24/04/202419:45Wolverhampton Wanderers-AFC Bournemouth
20:00Crystal Palace-Newcastle United
20:00Everton FC-Liverpool FC
20:00Manchester United-Sheffield United
25/04/202420:00Brighton & Hove Albion-Manchester City
30. Round
30/03/202412:30Newcastle United4-3West Ham United
15:00AFC Bournemouth2-1Everton FC
15:00Chelsea FC2-2Burnley FC
15:00Nottingham Forest1-1Crystal Palace
15:00Sheffield United3-3Fulham FC
15:00Tottenham Hotspur2-1Luton Town
17:30Aston Villa2-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
20:00Brentford1-1Manchester United
31/03/202414:00Liverpool FC-Brighton & Hove Albion
16:30Manchester City-Arsenal FC
31. Round
02/04/202419:45AFC Bournemouth-Crystal Palace
02/04/202419:45Arsenal FC-Luton Town
02/04/202419:45Brentford-Brighton & Hove Albion
02/04/202419:45Burnley FC-Wolverhampton Wanderers
02/04/202419:45Nottingham Forest-Fulham FC
02/04/202419:45West Ham United-Tottenham Hotspur
03/04/202419:45Chelsea FC-Manchester United
03/04/202419:45Newcastle United-Everton FC
03/04/202420:00Liverpool FC-Sheffield United
03/04/202420:00Manchester City-Aston Villa
32. Round
06/04/2024-Aston Villa-Brentford
06/04/2024-Brighton & Hove Albion-Arsenal FC
06/04/2024-Crystal Palace-Manchester City
06/04/2024-Everton FC-Burnley FC
06/04/2024-Fulham FC-Newcastle United
06/04/2024-Luton Town-AFC Bournemouth
06/04/2024-Manchester United-Liverpool FC
06/04/2024-Sheffield United-Chelsea FC
06/04/2024-Tottenham Hotspur-Nottingham Forest
06/04/2024-Wolverhampton Wanderers-West Ham United
33. Round
13/04/2024-AFC Bournemouth-Manchester United
13/04/2024-Arsenal FC-Aston Villa
13/04/2024-Brentford-Sheffield United
13/04/2024-Burnley FC-Brighton & Hove Albion
13/04/2024-Chelsea FC-Everton FC
13/04/2024-Liverpool FC-Crystal Palace
13/04/2024-Manchester City-Luton Town
13/04/2024-Newcastle United-Tottenham Hotspur
13/04/2024-Nottingham Forest-Wolverhampton Wanderers
13/04/2024-West Ham United-Fulham FC
34. Round
20/04/2024-Aston Villa-AFC Bournemouth
20/04/2024-Brighton & Hove Albion-Chelsea FC
20/04/2024-Crystal Palace-West Ham United
20/04/2024-Everton FC-Nottingham Forest
20/04/2024-Fulham FC-Liverpool FC
20/04/2024-Luton Town-Brentford
20/04/2024-Manchester United-Newcastle United
20/04/2024-Sheffield United-Burnley FC
20/04/2024-Tottenham Hotspur-Manchester City
20/04/2024-Wolverhampton Wanderers-Arsenal FC
35. Round
27/04/2024-AFC Bournemouth-Brighton & Hove Albion
27/04/2024-Aston Villa-Chelsea FC
27/04/2024-Everton FC-Brentford
27/04/2024-Fulham FC-Crystal Palace
27/04/2024-Manchester United-Burnley FC
27/04/2024-Newcastle United-Sheffield United
27/04/2024-Nottingham Forest-Manchester City
27/04/2024-Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal FC
27/04/2024-West Ham United-Liverpool FC
27/04/2024-Wolverhampton Wanderers-Luton Town
36. Round
04/05/2024-Arsenal FC-AFC Bournemouth
04/05/2024-Brentford-Fulham FC
04/05/2024-Brighton & Hove Albion-Aston Villa
04/05/2024-Burnley FC-Newcastle United
04/05/2024-Chelsea FC-West Ham United
04/05/2024-Crystal Palace-Manchester United
04/05/2024-Liverpool FC-Tottenham Hotspur
04/05/2024-Luton Town-Everton FC
04/05/2024-Manchester City-Wolverhampton Wanderers
04/05/2024-Sheffield United-Nottingham Forest
37. Round
11/05/2024-AFC Bournemouth-Brentford
11/05/2024-Aston Villa-Liverpool FC
11/05/2024-Everton FC-Sheffield United
11/05/2024-Fulham FC-Manchester City
11/05/2024-Manchester United-Arsenal FC
11/05/2024-Newcastle United-Brighton & Hove Albion
11/05/2024-Nottingham Forest-Chelsea FC
11/05/2024-Tottenham Hotspur-Burnley FC
11/05/2024-West Ham United-Luton Town
11/05/2024-Wolverhampton Wanderers-Crystal Palace
38. Round
19/05/202416:00Arsenal FC-Everton FC
19/05/202416:00Brentford-Newcastle United
19/05/202416:00Brighton & Hove Albion-Manchester United
19/05/202416:00Burnley FC-Nottingham Forest
19/05/202416:00Chelsea FC-AFC Bournemouth
19/05/202416:00Crystal Palace-Aston Villa
19/05/202416:00Liverpool FC-Wolverhampton Wanderers
19/05/202416:00Luton Town-Fulham FC
19/05/202416:00Manchester City-West Ham United
19/05/202416:00Sheffield United-Tottenham Hotspur

Fixture List Unveiled:
With the release of the fixture list, anticipation reaches fever pitch as fans eagerly mark their calendars for marquee matchups, local derbies, and clashes between title contenders. The stage is set for an exhilarating journey through the highs and lows of top-flight football.

Weekend Dramas and Midweek Epics:
Every weekend and midweek fixture is a spectacle unto itself, with stadiums reverberating with the chants of loyal supporters and players giving their all on the pitch. Each match carries its own significance, whether it’s a battle for survival in the relegation zone or a showdown for top spot in the league table.

Turning Points and Memorable Moments:
As the season unfolds, key matches and memorable moments emerge, shaping the narrative of the campaign. From last-minute winners to stunning upsets, every result has the power to alter the trajectory of teams’ fortunes and ignite the passions of supporters.

Impact on Title Race and Relegation Battle:
The results of each fixture have a profound impact on the title race and relegation battle, with teams jostling for position in the league table. Every point earned or dropped can prove decisive in determining the ultimate fate of clubs at the top and bottom of the standings.

As the English Premier League schedule and results for the 2023/2024 season unfold, fans buckle up for a thrilling ride filled with drama, excitement, and unforgettable moments. With each match, the rich tapestry of footballing narratives comes alive, reaffirming the league’s status as one of the most captivating and competitive in the world.